Virtual Webmaster

You have a website. That's a start.

Now it just sits there. It looks pretty good, but is it working? Does it ever change? Do you have the time for all of this? Do you have a web-capable staff person?

We can help.

As your web maintainer, we do the work. We do as much or as little work as you need to refresh your website every day or every week or just when changes need to be made.

Are search engines finding you? We can make the most of your keywords and arrange for links from other places to your web site. Is your site compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act?

Want to add content? Easy. Just send us a quick e-mail and we take care of it. A new photo? New pages or new writing?  We can set it up, shoot it and put it on your site. Design or help with re-design?

You buy all of that one hour at a time - every week. If the hour is not used, it goes into your time bank. If you need more hours, you can purchase as few or as many as you need. Our lowest rate is $25 a week. The service is usually Same Day Service.

Call or e-mail for more information or to subscribe to the virtual webmaster service today..